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The Door is Closing. Are you IN or OUT?

Baxter Village | By Evans Coghill Homes

When the door closes are you going to be in or out?

The door that is closing is the opportunity for a new home in Baxter Village. We only have three more home sites available in Baxter Village to custom build your new home. Some find this incredible as they believe something as good as Baxter will go on forever. It will be a neighborhood that will last generations but soon there will be no more new homes in Baxter.

Why buy a new home now in Baxter? The homes we build now in Baxter may be the best homes we have ever built. They certainly are the most energy efficient homes in Baxter. They, also, incorporate new home plans designed for our new right sized way of thinking in the new economy.

With just three more avaiable home sites, you can see why the door is closing. Are you going to be out or in when it closes?

Forrest Ranson (704.488.5101) is available now to help you get in now.

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