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Our Story

New Homes in the Charlotte Area Built with You in Mind

Our Story
The history of Evans Coghill Homes’ started with a belief that nothing matters more than celebrating and protecting the importance of ‘home.’ It is literally where ‘who we are’ begins.

For us that happened in 2001 when two people, who became friends while building a Habitat for Humanity home, quickly discovered a shared belief in what home the right home should be. With that commitment to putting purpose first, and taking the last names’ of each other’s grandmothers, Evans Coghill Homes was born.

Now in their 20th year they are one of the most respected and award winning builders in the Charlotte region, including but not limited to Builder of the Year in 2016. As they guard an unwavering reputation for doing what’s right, their insistence on a higher standard of quality from all their trade partners means only the best people are touching and fashioning the materials that go into every Evans Coghill home. Their hallmark is creating spaces that feel instantly familiar while embracing you with a higher level of fit and finish. And they are dedicated to the meeting the highest level of energy efficiency. From small to grand, every residence is a highly sought after example of an ever-evolving design acuity that sets a new standard for adaptability, creativity, and beauty.

Known for more than just innovation, ECH’s leadership team has always been involved in serving at all levels throughout the industry. This includes promoting continuing education and supporting the Home Builders Association of Greater Charlotte in many key capacities. Including Alan Banks serving a term as President of the North Carolina Home Builders Association.

In short, ECH has endured by elevating excellence through a culture of caring and conscious design. A place where enhancing the comfort, longevity and livability of the home is paramount. Thus fulfilling their mission to prove that nothing matters more than building you a superbly crafted home that fits how you live today.

Giving Back
Tonight, like every night, you will go home. You will almost unconsciously walk through the door, set down your keys, grab a snack, and hug a loved one, greet your pet, or plop into your favorite chair. You will feel the familiar gift of a place you belong; comfortable, contented, and safe. What you may not be conscious of, is how many do not have this privilege.

Evans Coghill is doing its best to be conscious of this fact. And because the founders met and envisioned their homebuilding company while volunteering with Habitat for Humanity, it has become more than a favorite charity for us, it has become vital to our core beliefs.

Here’s what we hope you will take note of. That with every home we build and sell, a portion of the profit goes directly to Habitat for Humanity, helping someone not unlike yourself, also have the privilege to go home, and know that the home belongs to them. We have done this for each and every home we have sold since the inception of the company even during the recession. We will continue to do this! It is just that important to us.

To read more about Habitat for Humanity, or to volunteer your time or make a contribution, please click here.