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Give Your Mudroom a Little Love with Some of These Must-Have Features!

Design Tips, Floor plans, Interior Design Thoughts | By Evans Coghill Homes

A mudroom is a workhorse of a space, fulfilling a variety of different purposes depending on the home and the family. In areas with months of cold and/or wet weather, they are essential; a place where your kids drop backpacks and put on boots. Whether yours is big or small, here are some tips for getting more out of your mudroom.

  • Use the space you have more efficiently. Some mudrooms are huge; some are tiny nooks. Look at your space and the way you use it. Do you like clear floors and an appearance of organization? Closets or cabinets are the answers. Do you want easy accessibility? Go for cubbies and hooks.
  • Don’t skimp on flooring. Choose something durable and non-slippery. Tile, vinyl flooring, hardwood or laminated flooring are good choices that will last for years – if cared for properly.
  • Think about what goes on the walls. If your mudroom is like most, it will endure muddy hands and feet, scrapes from hockey sticks, and who knows what else. Choose paint or stain with a durable finish that can be washed down easily. Also, have a little fun. Pick a bright color or even a bit of wallpaper!
  • Make it more than a mudroom. If you have a larger space, sub-divide it into a multi-use room. Add a powder room or a drop zone counter. Create a laundry room or dog bath. Add a craft workstation for your little artists. Give yourself some long-term storage for out of season items by tucking a cabinet into a back corner. Create a family communication center with a blackboard or corkboard for calendars, invitations, reminders, etc.

Most people don’t use their front doors; they come into their homes through their mudroom. It is a public space, acting as the transition from the outside world to your inside world. Make yours a little more interesting and functional today!

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