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Evans Coghill Homes Project Manager, Taylor Bennett, Earns His Accredited Builder Designation

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At Evans Coghill, we are continuously proud and inspired by the quality and expertise of our team members. But Project Manager Taylor Bennett has outdone himself, earning the hard to attain Accredited Builder Designation from the North Carolina Builder’s Institute. We’re extremely proud of his hard work and dedication, and want people to understand more about his endeavors and how they impact their new home search.

What does it mean to be an Accredited Builder?  What were the requirements to earn your Accredited Builder Designation (ABD)?

The purpose of the Accredited Builder Designation is to further the education of builders, but also to provide a more well-rounded builder experience. Earning the designation requires a certain amount of field experience, specifically 3 to 5 years in the building industry, actually building homes and being very hands on.  I also had to take 72 hours of classes through the North Carolina Builder’s Institute. My classes ranged from project management to business administration to customer service, with the intention of learning about all facets of building. It took about two years total for me to accomplish this part of the process.

Many people start this process but do not finish. Tell us what the process was like for you and why you continued through to the end?  

My motivation was the attainment of it. I don’t like starting something and not completing it. My current interest is in high performance homes. I was taking courses for that, so it made sense to work on other facets of the building industry, too. The best way I could see to do that was to start and complete the ABD.

Does this designation differentiate you and/or Evans Coghill Homes from your competitors?

I don’t know a lot of people in the industry who have this designation. It’s a huge time commitment, so very few people wind up finishing it. As for how it affects Evans Coghill… homeowners expect a high quality home, but they don’t check to see who is building it. The ABD is a big differentiator. We can claim to be a better builder and back it up.

How will Evans Coghill homeowners benefit from the ABD?

In the long run, we can give them a higher quality product, and a more efficient building process. Faster close times, fewer delays or slow downs. The ABD allows me to foresee industry changes, and plan accordingly. Homes are increasingly complex structures, especially the HVAC systems and home automation features. I now have the ability to teach homeowners about their homes, so they are more educated and able to interact with it comfortably.

What does earning the ABD mean to you?

It was a long process but worth it. The ABD really benefits everyone – me, Evans Coghill Homes, our homeowners. My grandfather was a lawyer, and he instilled the importance of education in us. I thought about him when I was working for this designation. Doctors, lawyers, engineers, they all have to take continuing education to keep their licensing/certifications. Builders don’t. I put a lot of stock in education. Having this designation – or any designation recognized by the HBA or NCHBA – is not just letters behind a name. It means that we know that our industry is ever changing, and that we have a responsibility to keep current. At Evans Coghill, we take pride in what we do and want to be better at it always. In the end, it comes back to what’s best for the homeowner.

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