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Duke Energy Sends Me a Personal Letter

Energy Efficient Homes | By Evans Coghill Homes

Yesterday, when leafing through the BOGO ads in the mailbox and the never-subscribed-to-yet-I-receive magazines, I came across a letter from Duke Energy. I opened it and was greeted with bad news.

Duke Energy showed me just how much my old energy inefficient home is costing me in high utility bills- at least $563 annually more than other energy efficient homes in my area! This is almost $50/month!

While I knew my home was not near as energy efficient as a new Evans Coghill home, to see the stark reality and know is was coming out of my wallet hurt more. Several years ago, I replaced all the windows in my 50+ year old home and I know it saves me some money but somethings just cannot be fixed in old, energy inefficient homes. Now I see what it is costing me.

I wish my home had a guarantee.

Every Evans Coghill home includes an Environments for Living Platinum certified guarantee. A guarantee that shows you your new home is at least 30% more energy efficient than typical homes. If you owned an Evans Coghill home, you would receive a certificate like the one below showing you how much your heating and cooling energy usage will be and it is guaranteed.

In addition, your home has guaranteed comfort. We guarantee that the temperature in any room of your home will not vary from the thermostat by more than three degrees. Isn’t your family’s comfort really important to you? With Environments for Living, Evans Coghill Homes guarantees.

Learn more about the guarantee here.

I don’t have an Environments for Living Guarantee on my home. I wish I did. The average new Evans Coghill home has a HERS rating of 66. My home likely has a HERS rating of 120. (Really, I am not making this up.) That means a new Evans Coghill home will use 56% less energy for heating and cooling than my house.

I look forward to Duke Energy NOT sending me letters like this one meanwhile, I have a big check to write this month.

Environments for Living Energy Use Guarantee Explained here:

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