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Cooking on the Rachel Ray Show

Good Info to Know | By Evans Coghill Homes

I am at the Thermador Bosch Appliance National Training Center in Phoenix, AZ. It is an amazing experience and very informative.

I am here with a group of custom builders from across the US. We are here to learn about the new appliance technology and energy efficiency options. This company is very cutting edge in style, function and energy efficiency. I am proud to say that there will be Thermador appliances in our Homearama home this fall.

Thermador has a patented star burner design (even heating) and an exclusive simmer feature (XLO burner). The burner actually cycles off and on creating an ideal simmer temperature. This is a problem for lesser cooktops. Did you know Thermador invented the wall oven?

We not only learned about the appliances, we used them! We cooked dinner with the help of the renown Thermador chefs. This is a show kitchen! Just like a TV cooking show (think Rachel Ray Show) All the ingredients were nicely measured out, utensils lined up and cameras flashing. The picture is me cooking brussel sprouts. Yes, those are even better on a Thermador.

A great experience and a great deal of product knowledge. Thank you for inviting me.


Showing off my brussel sprouts at the Bosch Thermador Training Center.
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