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A New Versus Used Home – Make Yourself COMFORTABLE!

New Homes vs Old Homes | By Evans Coghill Homes

Comfort – we all seek it. Whether it is conscious or not, the search for comfort drives a lot of what we do every day; the clothes we buy, the shoes we wear, the car we drive, our favorite spot on the sofa… Comfort even drives our investment decisions; low risk – high risk, what are we comfortable with? Because after all, we want to be comfortable in our retirement years, right?

Often, however, comfort is overlooked when it comes to making the biggest investment decision of our lives, our next home. We all know the three most important things about real estate; location, location, location! But once you’ve made the wise location decision, you still have to LIVE in the house, right? So why not be comfortable doing so?

The home I grew up in, built in the 1960’s, was in a great location; then, and now. Unfortunately it wasn’t always comfortable. I vividly remember being a child in that house and struggling to go to sleep in the heat of the Summer. We had air-conditioning, but it was a two-story house, and there was only one air system, which was common back in the day. Zoned systems were not in use yet, so it was a constant struggle to get the upstairs comfortable for sleeping during the dog days of summer. Adding to the problem was the lack of other advanced building techniques we use in today’s new homes. And yet we would close the bedroom doors in an already stuffy upstairs and wonder why we couldn’t get comfortable in the still, hot air!

Today’s new homes are constructed differently, though. We use multiple HVAC systems and zone controls for more temperature consistency, advanced insulation techniques, air-sealing and energy efficient windows with low-e glass to keep out the summer heat, and jumper ducts to ensure good air-flow, even when the bedroom doors are closed. In fact, as an Environments for Living home builder, our homes are guaranteed to be comfortable, as well as highly energy efficient!

So, when you are faced with choosing your next home, by all means, choose location. But choose a brand-new construction home, and you can have the benefit of comfort, in the location of your choice. So go ahead, make yourself comfortable!

Forrest Ranson, New Home Specialist


Springfield, Cheval, River Run, Plaza Midwood, Cotswold

Evans Coghill Homes is a new home builder in the Charlotte, NC area building new homes in River RunSpringfieldRiverwalk, andCheval.  For more information, visit www.evanscoghill.com.

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