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You Are Doing It Wrong!

News | By Evans Coghill Homes

40% of couples argue about how a dishwasher is loaded! Really? Around my house, no one really wants to put dishes in the dishwasher and certainly we don’t all do it the same way. I don’t think we argue about it but we don’t agree either.

GE and Bosch appliance manufacturers have actually studying we load our dishwashers and have even created names for us – Protectors, Organizers and Curators. Each group has a characteristic. Protectors are precise with all utensil handles up. Organizers just want to get it done. Curators are the ones who organize the plates by size.

Fortunately, Bosch, GE and other manufacturers know we are like this and actually have designed their dishwashers to accommodate this. Bosch created a spoof video to settle the score and bring happiness back to the kitchen.

This topic was so news worthy, the Wall Street Journal featured the dishwasher battle in a recent edition. See if you can identify with anyone in this article.

We have chosen to include GE, Bosch and Electrolux dishwashers in our homes. The models have proven to fit nicely into the homeowners budgets, look good in the kitchen and, moreover, get the dishes done. Bosch dishwashers have long been known for being quiet – a great feature in open home plans. In 2011, I was invited to the Bosch Thermador National Training Center. There I learned you should not rinse the dishes (Mom told me I should). Blog post about that visit is here.

By Alan C Banks

Evans Coghill Homes builds new homes in RiverwalkSpringfieldCheval and River Run. We have ready to move in homes available with great dishwashers and a lot of other features you will enjoy even more than that!

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