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Riverwalk contractors get thank you from residents!

Rock Hill SC New Homes | By Evans Coghill Homes

A few days before Christmas, the contractors, vendors and craftsmen at Riverwalk in Rock Hill got quite a gift. The residents of Riverwalk hosted a luncheon to express their appreciation for the men and women who built their homes.

As resident Lawrence Lewis recalls, “we wanted to get everyone together and say ‘Thanks’ before the contractors move on to the next section of the community.”

It all started when Lawrence and his wife Barrie moved to their new Evans Coghill home at Riverwalk, and realized that all of their new neighbors were new to the area too. As they reached out to connect with their fellow newbies, Lawrence & Barrie became friends with Mike Jette and his wife.

Before long, Mike and Lawrence were talking about how much they liked their respective builders, and how grateful they were for how quickly their homes had been built. They began tossing around the idea of recognizing the construction crews for their hard work. So they went to all of the builders in the community, and all of the neighbors they could find, and pitched their idea. Everyone loved it!


One builder donated the use of a garage in one of their unfinished homes as a staging area, while others donated tables, tablecloths, chairs. They sent out invitations to all of the neighbors and trade partners, and on December 19th, the weather gods smiled, and gave them a gorgeous day! Lunch went off without a hitch. The neighbors chipped in with enough food to feed an army. And the contractors had a ball… no one had ever done something like this for them before!

Lawrence marvels, “We got such positive feedback! In fact, we’re still getting feedback!”

Evans Coghill Homes is a new home builder in the Charlotte, NC area building new homes in Riverwalk, Springfield or Cheval, and River Run.  For more information, please visit www.evanscoghill.com.


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