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Lower Property Taxes Just Make Cents

Financing | By Evans Coghill Homes

A lot of homeowners consider moving to South Carolina for lower property taxes.  In fact, not only do they consider South Carolina, they consider Fort Mill, SC.  Not only do they consider Fort Mill, but Baxter Village.  Why?  Because in Baxter Village, property taxes are 45% less than they are in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina (just about 6 miles up the road).  The average sale price for a new home in Baxter Village is approximately $432,000.  With the Homestead Exemption, that equates to a property tax bill of approximately $2,700 per year vs. $5,600 in Mecklenburg County.  That’s about $241 per month which equals $40,000 more value in a home.

Think about that.  By simply moving into Baxter Village you can get $40,000 more home for the same money.   That’s a whole bedroom and bathroom!  A bonus room, office, guest suite or living room!!

Or, it’s a savings that if put into an account earning a minimum of 5% per year for the life of the mortgage (30 years), would equal approximately $201,651.06!!  Wow! Not bad for a short move.

In today’s housing market, I’ve found that people not only want value, they want savings.  They want a lower price with lower expenses with a higher quality of life.  Now I know why Baxter is not only a great place to live, but a smart place to live.

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