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Design Tips to Warm Up Your New Home as Temperatures Drop

Design Tips | By Evans Coghill Homes

When winter weather brings frigid temps and snowy days (yes, even in Charlotte!), it’s a perfect time to appreciate the comfiness of your beautiful new home. But warmth doesn’t stop with insulation and thermostats. It goes beyond the way we build and construct our homes so they keep you warm. You can help contribute to the coziness of your home décor with these helpful tips!

  1. Lights are an obvious way to counteract the dark days of winter – whether it’s a chandelier with tons of bulbs, candles in the windows, or dramatic landscaping lights outside. They also help add some unique personality to your home.
  2. Pops of bright colors (cheery reds, springy greens, juicy oranges) can help chase the winter blahs away. Think pillows, throws or maybe an accent wall! Don’t be afraid to have fun with color. It’s an instant mood-lifter!
  3. Those Scandinavians are on to something! White doesn’t need to be a cool color… especially when paired with light woods and other rustic accents like brick or stone!
  4. Dress your home in layers! Velvety throw pillows & fuzzy blankets, fluffy rugs and glowing candles add tons of warmth. Think of how much warmer YOU feel when you layer sweaters and scarves and jackets… it’s the same with your home!
  5. Metallics like rose gold, copper and bronze help add the impression of warmth, especially if paired with pastels or earth tones.
  6. Natural wood floors and paneled walls create instant coziness. And natural accents, like potted plants, evergreens, pine cones and twigs, add warmth and a bit of the outdoors.
  7. Textures are toasty. Look for knitted blankets, animal skin rugs, woven baskets, and squishy pillows. Anything that makes you feel soft and happy.
  8. Leather accents – a chair or an ottoman – add so much warmth to a room. Especially if tucked into a reading nook or quiet corner.
  9. We hope these home decorating tips warm you up as we near the end of winter!

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