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Are Boomers & Millennials Buying The Same Homes?

Master Bedroom on Main Level Homes, Riverwalk | By Evans Coghill Homes

It’s no secret that Millennials recently overtook Baby Boomers as the largest generation. Yet while the 20-somethings may win the population game, the Boomers still have the edge when it comes to buying power. Quite simply, they have more money.

For builders, that creates a quandary. Their instinct is to cater to the larger group – the Millennials – since there are so many of them and they will be the ones influencing trends for the next few decades. But as many builders have discovered, the homes they’re building for young, first-time buyers are being snapped up by Baby Boomers looking to simplify and downsize.

In a recent article in Builder magazine, Evans Coghill co-owner Alan Banks discussed just that scenario. Our Riverwalk community was designed for young families, but the 55-plus buyers flocked to the community because of our first floor master bedrooms, and ranch-style homes. As a result, we’ll be including even more of those homes in the next phase of Riverwalk. And we’ll be including some subtle changes that appeal to Baby Boomers.  See what homes we currently have available now!

Read more about how builders all over the U.S. are launching or modifying existing communities and homes to appeal to accommodate both Millennials and Boomers, accepting that older buyers are still wielding a healthy influence in the housing market.

We were named Builder of the Year in 2016. Our homeowners have continued to give us positive reviews and survey results. Read more about what they have to say here.  Evans Coghill Homes builds new homes in RiverwalkSpringfield, Cotswold, Cheval and Southpark.

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