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5 Tips to Design for an Open Floorplan!

Floor plans | By Evans Coghill Homes

Open floor plans allow many options, but sometimes getting the right look is a challenge. Here are some tips to help you bring it all together…with style!

  1. Color — Thread color throughout to achieve design continuity. Wall color, pops of color…a solid color scheme ties the open design together.
  2. Flooring — The best rule here is “keep it consistent”. Try to use as much of one material as possible in open areas. It’s best not to transition from wood flooring to tile, especially if the openings between rooms are large. Rugs are perfect for breaking up a room with a consistent flooring type, outlining specific spaces while adding a sense of sophistication.  This photo of our Charleston model home in Riverwalk is a good
    1. Art & Accessories — Use pillows and artwork to introduce new colors and patterns, but try to keep the accent colors consistent throughout, as well. Use a distinct light fixture to set a space apart from other “rooms” within the open plan.
    1. Furniture — Open floor plans need unity. Similar types of wood. Similarly colored pieces. These will serve well to tie the “rooms” or zones together. Bring furniture off of walls to balance the room. Have pieces of furniture to identify each “room within a room”. Place your sofa between the living and dining areas, similar to the way we did in the River Cottage plan in Springfield, to create a delineation. putting a credenza behind the sofa to help vertically divide the space.
      1. Window Treatments — Select curtains that you can pull wide open during the day to allow for the abundant natural light that the open design incorporates. Translucent, lightweight fabrics — lace, linen, sheer cotton — give a bright, roomy feel and still deliver privacy. Consider hanging draperies inside rooms, not just in front of windows, for a dramatic, stylish effect.

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