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5 Tips For Settling Into Your New Home

Neighborhoods, Rock Hill Outdoor Center, Tips | By Evans Coghill Homes

Moving to a new home always involves some level of change, whether it’s across town or across the country. Amy Howelll Hirt at Trulia.com recently posted a handful of ways to help get yourself more comfortable in your new digs.  The key? Meeting people! Yup, it’s that simple. (Or not, if you’re on the introverted side.)  If you’ve bought a new home in one of our communities (RiverwalkSpringfieldCheval), here are some tips to settle in quickly:

  1. Make the first move

Approach a new next-door neighbor and introduce yourself! If you’re hesitant, keep in mind they may be equally hesitant to disturb your family, particularly if you seem busy settling in. So take the initiative and look for an opportunity to give a simple wave.

  1. Make yourself approachable

Create chances for people to welcome you. Sit on the front porch. Take walks around the neighborhood. When you’re out, pick a bar seat over a corner table. Take the kids to a playground or park. Make eye contact, smile, and say hello.

  1. Become a local

Do as the locals do and frequent a local restaurant, farmers market, or shop. Got a dog? Even better. Dog parks practically beg to help you and your pet make new friends.

  1. Get involved

There’s no better way to meet people than by participating in activities that are meaningful to you. Check with local schools and universities, park districts (think the Riverwalk Walking Trail and the Rock Hill Outdoor Center), recreation commissions, sports organizations, and neighbors and fellow parents.  Volunteer for school activities, get involved in car pools, or host play dates. Donate your time to community organizations. Many places often have bars that cater to locals who cheer for out-of-town and local sports teams, depending who you’re rooting for.

  1. Use your existing network

If you were active in a church or other place of worship in your previous location, ask for a referral to a similar establishment. Many employers offer programs that connect newly relocated workers with one another as well as longtime residents. Most colleges and universities also have local alumni chapters. And don’t forget to mine your online networks. Ask Facebook friends if they know anyone in your new town, or search sites like Meetup.com to find others with similar interests. With a little time, you’ll find “community” is wherever you make it!

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